2013/05/15    What is presentation and why is it important?

Most of the recruiters will tell you as first indictment that presentation gives your potential employer its first impression;

Well, it is obviously the case, but if it does not last, there is not really a reason to think it would matter;

Here are some tips to give a positive presentation, that will stand right up to the moment you will close the door when you leave the interview room.


Point 1:

Just like Promotion and Advertisement is a way for companies to attract the eye of customers on them, and more importantly to invite them to get trough their products at least once,

your presentation is the method by which you want to get the interviewer’s attention on your most shiny skills, and make him/her ignore the rest;

This includes, but not exclusively, your clothing, body language, color choice in your wearing, speech rate, resume appearance.

As a general rule, we apply the general pervasive principle that less is more — what it means is that the signal that you broadcast during the interview should not be the least crowded by noise = information that is describing a feature about yourself that is downgrading you; you are not lying, you are just striping it off the signal;

Hopefully,  after some time listening and looking at you as a product, the interviewer is likely to be locked in;


Point 2:

Be positive

You can have a glass of water half-filled, but depending on the person point of view, one would say of it that it is half-full or half-empty;

In every instant, choose the positive and optimistic perspective; no employer would want to hire an employee that inspires no confidence into to future.






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