The coaching department of Descartes Search LLC is a unit freshly established in early 2013, among new others within the company;
We have been operating since december 2007 with a single business branch, namely Introduction of candidates to companies (aka headhunting)
and we found it natural to capitalize on more than 5 years of experience to provide coaching services for our candidates and candidates in general;
What is coaching? This is different from counseling where the candidate is helped find his way, his true passion and/or his true skills.
At Descartes Search we are also providing that service, but within a separate unit. -- counseling service
The coaching service supposes that you are already in touch with the targeted company of joining, typically one that we would have introduced to you, and it consists in raising the probability that you will get the job by:
* improving your presentation skills -- this is subsequent to a NLP analysis.
* raising the positive attitude in the candidate --if you don't have confidence in yourself, there is no way the company will
* training with grilling exercise and interviews emulating those with the managers
* filling the informational gap that could exist between you and other candidates (competitors that are applying for the same position) that could know more about the position, the company and managers.

Here, the candidate is the customer;
Call us for inquiries on services, and charge;


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